The Trumps give the Obama-Jarrets a housewarming gift #ObamaGate

I would write an article on some of the crazy developments in the past few days (or weeks) but other projects are keeping me quite busy right now, and on one of the big stories (the other being Wikileaks vault7) Stefan Molyneux does a damn fine job summarizing and contextualizing the issue, so I’ll just link his video (at bottom), and provide you my in-depth meme.

Also, he and Hard Bastard both had good takes on the Loretta Lynch video, which was pretty extraordinary and exactly what I’m talking about when I say the left is recklessly encouraging violence.  (And what do you know?  More violence at Berkeley.)

I hope to have more content sooner than later!  I appreciate anyone who checks in here.

I can’t take credit for the story/punchline here, just meming it into reality.  Have a good day, everyone.  Hope you have lots of popcorn for the weeks ahead.  Things will get interesting (and hopefully remain peaceful).


Stefan Molyneux’s video on Obama wiretaps:

Hard Bastard’s video on Loretta Lynch:

Stefan Molyneux’s video on Loretta Lynch:


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