Last night should make it clear where the greatest threat of fascism in this country lies.  If the left continues on its current course, it will either bring it about directly, or in concert with whatever response it provokes.

The longer the media downplays and excuses, even celebrates leftist violence, extremism, hate, and ignorance, the greater the risk that all of it festers into war and/or fascism.  (Or communism/whatever term you prefer.  Violent, doublethink-ridden, authoritarian movements are what I’m talking about here.)

THE SEEDS OF THIS HAVE BEEN VISIBLE FOR A YEAR, though invisible to most.  There are videos of dozens upon dozens of physical attacks on Trump supporters, that the media conveniently swept under the rug all last year.  It’s really disturbing and hard to watch.  Have you seen the incidents in this video?  It’s only from June of last year:

Most people haven’t seen them, because the media acted as a deceptive, one-sided, gatekeeper.  They were the true builders of our “post-truth” society.

But they made sure the world saw, on repeat, the one clear instance of a Trump supporter hitting someone else at a rally.  And they uncritically relayed a series of alleged post-election hate crimes, the vast majority of which turned out to be hoaxes, and to this day still use them to claim there was an epidemic of right-wing violence.  One of many BIG LIES of late (e.g. “17 intelligence agencies“).

Again, all this deception, this inversion of reality by the media, and the downplaying of extremism and violence on the left, has. to. stop.

They have fueled a false hysteria that the political opposition are all nazis, and now are giving calls to violence against these alleged nazis.  How do they expect this to turn out?  Who the fuck are they, that raucously celebrate an awards ceremony speech that calls outright for political violenceWhat have they become, if not exactly what they claim to protest?

Have you seen the Project Veritas videos?  Whatever you have heard about James O’Keefe, it is clear and well established that he did not fake these videos, and that the misdeeds, of both conspiring to commit mass voter fraud and of routinely instigating violence at Trump rallies, are undeniable, and were committed by Democratic operatives at the very highest levelsThe left needs to wake up and smell the bullshit, because it is and has been all around them, and they need to get out of it.

Whatever you do, do not consider yourself informed if you only get/trust information from major mainstream and left-leaning outlets.  Sure, read those, but not exclusively.  Independent and right-leaning media are a must if you want a real sense of what is happening in the world.  E.g. Sargon of Akkad, Dave Rubin, Ron Paul Liberty Report, DailyWire, Fox, and yes, even r/The_Donald, Breitbart and InfoWars are all useful to keep on your radar.  You don’t have to believe or agree with everything they say, or how they say it, to get value out of them.  And the fact is they are all usually far less deceptive than mainstream outlets, who deceptively edit, omit (a LOT) and skew things constantly.

Cast a wide net, folks, as wide as you can, and never trust a headline without reading and verifying an article.  Above all, think critically.


[1] Footage from the Berkeley riots/violence last night, if you haven’t seen it:

[2] Some background on Antifa and the black bloc


10 thoughts on “The Road to Fascism Could Not Be Clearer, but It’s Not What the Media Says It Is

    1. That was such a persuasive comment. You converted me back to rooting for the neoliberal globalization agenda. Whew, thanks man. For a second I cared about jobs and our national sovereignty.

      Now I’m back to rooting for my own extinction thanks to your brilliance.


  1. Great article. I am so sickened by how illiberal the left has become. The media shamelessly covers up for them, and as a result, about 30% of the people in this country are completely hysterical, feeling justified to destroy property, assault random people thought to be Trump supporters, and anytime something they don’t like happens, try and insinuate that our country needs a rebellion or something. The Democratic Party leaders are culpable for this violence.

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  2. Its pretty easy to see who is using gastappo tactics and who is not. What George Soros and Antifa doesnt understand is that Americans are rebellious and trying to suppress us only makes us push back harder.

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    1. My hope here is that once some of the things Trump is trying to do take affect, people will see these people have nothing to offer but victim-hood narratives and race-baiting. Our society is founded on people not responding well to others trying to violently limit our rights to freedom of speech, religion, and of course, being taxed into oblivion. The liberals are in a chaotic spiral and I think people will see they’re trying to open to doors to anarchy, which as Icsomethings article clearly spells out, is actually the best way to encourage a government to move closer and closer towards a truly fascistic police state and not policies that strengthen our borders and give us some control over who comes into our land.

      Trump’s support is actually larger than it seems when you look at people’s opinions on a lot of his proposals. More Americans oppose his immigration pause than oppose it. People don’t want us to go to war in Syria. People believe our immigration system is deeply flawed. And despite all the indoctrination in the media and our schools system, enough people have a sense that America isn’t this completely evil place that only became successful because of slavery and brutal oppression of other minorities and poor helpless women. That shit is dead. The people who stand up against Trump are the old guard and there day ended with Obama. Change we can believe in is coming now thanks not to a chill looking black guy, but a rough-talking, old white billionaire who doesn’t give a fuck about lefty tears.

      Maybe in 30 years our political system will be redefine not as “Progressives” vs. Conservatives, but something like Pro-Business Nationalism vs. Libertarianism.


      1. Do you think the rhetoric and behavior of Antifa and the wide array of George Soros’ funded groups (such as La Raza, Feminist Majority, Immigrant Defense Project, ACORN when it existed, the Black Lives Matter movement, et.) represent something that the heartland of America really believes in? The answer is no. I’d love to hear you prove me wrong. Or better yet explain your opinion beyond a condescending, dismissive remark.

        OH wait, your a lefty so that ain’t gonna happen.


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